The Story of Dallas Print Factory
and the Robot Who Founded It

Print's Kind of a Funny Story

Rob, short for Rob Ot, is a robot programmed to print. Disgruntled after hearing so many humans talk about the death of print, he started a print factory in Dallas with his robot dog Press. Together they live for the thrills of short runs and the smell of fresh ink. He is a loud print advocate, believing (ironically because he is a digital being) that print is not dead. His life's passion and purpose are the same — print.

They say print is dead; Rob says they're dead wrong.

We, the humans of Dallas Print Factory, are excited to execute Rob's vision and help you print with personality.

Why Choose Dallas Print Factory?


As Good As Print Gets.

You don't have to choose between quality, efficiency, and great customer service anymore. You just have to give us a call.


Your Vision.

Dallas Print Factory doesn't print and leave. When you work with us, we work with you, from beginning to end. We care about your project, and we're prepared to invest in it like it's our own. If you're looking for experts in the industry who care about making your idea a reality without any compromises, you're looking for Dallas Print Factory.


Your Terms.

Frustrated with having to manage multiple vendors and having no leverage on total spend or credit terms? You're in the right place. Dallas Print Factory is proud to offer our B2B customers the opportunity to create terms and customer-specific pricing.

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