Direct to Garment

Need full color or photo-realistic printing? Say hello to direct to garment printing, your new best friend.


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Direct to Garment

Direct to Garment printing allows us to print directly onto the apparel with a printer, which works especially well for photo-realistic designs. This is a good option for projects that require short runs and full color.

Common Questions

When is the best time to use Direct to Garment?

If your artwork has a lot of colors, if you need one-off printing, if you have a short deadline, or if you just want a sample, Direct to Garment is probably the way to go. Direct to Garment is most effective on short runs with a lot of colors, and because it requires no time to set up, jobs are done much faster than they would be with screen printing.


What is the price difference between Direct to Garment and Screen Printing?

Direct to Garment is typically more expensive than screen printing, but it might be more cost-effective with small quantities.


What will my artwork look like?

With Direct to Garment, your artwork might have slightly different colors than expected. Different materials react differently to different inks, so we cannot guarantee a 100% color match. If you have any questions about this or about if your artwork will be compromised, give a call to our team of experts. We can help you decide if Direct to Garment is the right move for you.

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